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Name:Mr. Tn. Gagak Lumayung [Administrative]
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Phone Number:+62 21 897 2103
Fax Number:+62 21 897 2107
Address:Jalan Akasia 11 Block A 8-1 Kav.Delta Silicon
Bekasi 17550, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:May. 08, 2008
Last Updated:May. 08, 2008
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Construction & Real Estate category

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Fosroc has over 70 years experience of supplying specialist chemicals to the construction industry. In 1991 Fosroc merged with Expandite, another successful chemical company who, themselves were formed in 1934.

By concentrating on innovation and service to the customer, Fosroc now leads the way in specification selling into the construction chemicals market. This wealth of experience is gained from our worldwide presence in more than 20 countries, ( employing over 1500 people) with exports to a further 50 countries.

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